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Extra matrimonial affairs :-Extra matrimonial affairs which have been existence from time immemorial in ever society. In the so called sophisticated the western societies and it has become a fashion or which is regarded as an additional qualification to boost of one’s self esteem to say that he or she has a lover on the side. However morally, ethically wrong or sinful to have an extra marital affair, the fact remains that In the modern world, millions of husbands and wives hunt for this unfortunate serpent, where families begin to break and in the most cases that is end up in divorce where innocent children who are left to pick up emotional pieces that is left from their parents. In the case of man who is having affair with another woman.

               The reasons for cheating which could be innumerable. In almost all cases, the cheating partner that does not pay attention to what can easily to leave the relationship in may hem. Certainly, the effects of extra marital affairs which are devastating and Victims that may take long to get over the misery. Infidelity which can occur even in the strongest of the marital relationships. An extra marital challenges the sanctity and the strength of a relationship which causing turmoil in personal and social world of people. The Extra marital affairs which seems like a very common phenomenon these days. However even when an affair seems to be working as it will eventually cause severe damage. The worst thing with the extramarital affairs is that they usually ruin the life of a person.

Extra marital affairs from your partner which will deliver a severe blow to your self esteem and to cause guilt for them. The partner starts questioning himself and his deeds question like what was my mistake? Was he or she happy with me? Starts blugging the partner. The reason for an infidelity is the serious emotional and mental stress that leads to the allegations of the victims themselves, and they begin to blame themselves for the love of their husband. Fly away from the shock of cheating the victim, will not even realize that his spouse has broken the sacred oath of marriage to marry in infidelity.

Extra matrimonial affairs
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